7 Best VPN & Security Affiliate Programs

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In this post, we’ll cover all of the best VPN and internet security affiliate programs, with the help of Michael Miller, the owner of VPNOnline.com, a leading educational and affiliate website in the VPN and internet security space.

Virtual Private Networks, also known as VPNs, have gained tons of traction over the years as people have looked to keep their information safe, but more importantly watch their favorite Netflix shows from around the world.

With the VPN industry set to be worth $75 Billion by 2027, and the cybersecurity industry as whole to be worth over $248 Billion by 2023, it’s certainly a large enough market for passionate affiliates to tap into.

Due to the nature of VPNs and other internet security products, nearly all of programs on this list will be lifetime recurring commission, making them a super attractive affiliate marketing niche to be in.


The best VPN & security affiliate programs we’re going to cover are:


ExpressVPN prides themselves on being the #1 leader in VPNs. Their service has three packages that can be done monthly, every 6 months, or yearly. Depending on the chosen plan, affiliates will earn $13 (monthly), $22 (6 months), or $36 (yearly) per referral.

  • Commission Rate: $13-$36
  • EPC: Undefined
  • Cookie Length: 90 Days
  • Platform: Post Affiliate Pro
  • Affiliate Manager: Yes


PureVPN is a leading VPN provider and has plans ranging from $10.95 a month to $1.99 a month depending on the plan commitment period. Their program will provide 100% commission on a monthly referal, and 35% there after.

There’s also several upsells that they offer upon checkout that could boost your commissions, such as DDOS protection or a dedicated IP.

  • Commission Rate: 40%-100%
  • EPC: Undefined
  • Cookie Length: 90 Days
  • Platform: Post Affiliate Pro
  • Affiliate Manager: Yes


NordVPN is another top internet security service allowing its users to access the internet from over 5000 servers in 59 countries across the world. They also have the NordPass password manager thats similar to 1Password and LastPass which we’ll mention below.

As far as their affiliate program goes, they run it on Tune with new signups typically paying out 40%-100% of the order value, and renew at 30% lifetime recurring commission.

  • Commission Rate: 30%-100%
  • EPC: $107.48
  • Cookie Length: 30 Days
  • Platform: Tune
  • Affiliate Manager: Yes


Surfshark is the last VPN affiliate program on our list, and considered the best value purchase from VPNOverview. Assuming your customers want the bare minimum from a VPN, spending the least money, Surfshark is the way to go coming at $2.49/m, if you pay two years upfront. The commission of the program is pretty generous at 40% lifetime, with it being hosted on Tune/HasOffers.

  • Commission Rate: 40%
  • EPC: $50
  • Cookie Length: 30 Days
  • Platform: Tune
  • Affiliate Manager: Yes


1Password is a password management platform that allows users to safely store and share passwords and other sensitive data. By creating one master password to a secure vault, you then unlock access to all your passwords (hence the name OnePassword). 

Their B2B and B2C affiliate program runs Commission Junction, and pay out $2 per signup, and a 25% recurring commission for the life of the account. 

  • Commission Rate: $2 Signup + 25%
  • EPC: $73.03
  • Cookie Length: 45 Days
  • Platform: CJ
  • Affiliate Manager: Yes


LastPass keeps all of your usernames and passwords within a secure digital vault. Whether you’re on your computer or phone, you’ll have access to all passwords, just by remembering one password. They run their affiliate program on Impact, and have a 25% commission rate across their 4 products. 

Considering LastPass’s largest plan appears to come in at $8/m, this affiliate program will definitely be a numbers game.

  • Commission Rate: 25%
  • EPC: $74
  • Cookie Length: 45 Days
  • Platform: Impact
  • Affiliate Manager: Yes


Kaspersky is the worlds largest privately owned Cyber security company, and helps keep you safe from cybercrime. They offer solutions for the everyday person at home, but many of the big ticket affiliate sales will come from their business offerings. They also run their affiliate program on CJ, and offer an incentive commission rate, the more referrals you send their way.

  • Commission Rate: 25%+
  • EPC: $58.82
  • Cookie Length: 60 Days
  • Platform: CJ
  • Affiliate Manager: Yes


Intego is an annual subscription cyber security solution service thats been around since 1997. Their products are catered towards personal use, as well as businesses, and help with virus protection, data storage and backup, and other security benefits. Intego’s affiliate program boasts a 2% conversion rate, and anywhere from 15%-50% depending on an affiliates performance.

  • Commission Rate: 15%-50%
  • EPC: NEW
  • Cookie Length: 45 Days
  • Platform: Impact & CJAffiliate
  • Affiliate Manager: Yes


LifeLock is a service that protects its users from the threat of identity theft. You’ll receive protection from LifeLock’s extensive monitoring services that make sure your information is private and not exposed on hard to reach areas like the dark web. If identity theft does occur, LifeLock will help you restore your identity.

  • Commission Rate: $40 CPA
  • EPC: $565.70
  • Cookie Length: 30 Days
  • Platform: CJAffiliate
  • Affiliate Manager: Yes

Reviewing a Successful VPN Affiliate Site

Now that you know some of the best VPN affiliate programs let’s jump into how Michael is promoting these affiliate offers. Below is the home page for VPNOnline.com.

From the home page, we can see that he’s separated the site into 5 main sections: Top Picks, Reviews, Comparisons, Guides, and Deals.

From our tools, we can see the sites pulling in tons of traffic via SEO and organic search. They are able to rank for the VPN and internet security keywords, due to them establishing enormous levels of credibility and expertise on their website, including the about us page.

VPN and Internet Security Niche Overview

Quality of Offers

Our affiliate programs lists, like this one, are heavily vetted and most established and trusted companies in the VPN and computer security niche. It’s an industry riddled with scams and cyber attacks, similar to the cryptocurrency or supplement niche.

There will be plenty of higher paying offers out there, from VPNs and other software that are low quality and malicious. Without the proper legal disclaimers, you could be responsible for what happens.

Wide Range of Audiences

Another big benefit of the VPN affiliate niche, is just how many different audiences you can promote these offers too. According to G2, 26% of all internet users use a VPN when browsing the internet, and this number is growing, FAST. Nearly anyone who uses the internet on a regular basis is fair game to have a VPN offer thrown their way.

Recurring and Lifetime Commissions

Lastly, the best part about this niche is that nearly all of the offers have a recurring, if not lifetime affiliate offer. Internet security and VPNs are extremely sticky products, as customers don’t really stop using them or churn, so there’s a good chance any successful referrals will be giving you passive income for quite some time.

Concluding Thoughts

Overall, the VPN and internet security niche is a great niche to be in, but you need to be aware of the offer landscape. People will only buy from people they trust, so establishing credibility in the internet security space will be essential.

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