10 Best Supplement Affiliate Programs of 2022

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After running the site for several years, and min-maxing several supplement affiliate programs, he’s gained some pretty good perspective on what some of the best supplement affiliate programs are.

Rather than just listing all of the highest paying offers, we wanted to include a variety of programs to make sure everyone’s audience has a fit.

We’ll include program sign up links, as well as all the important information you need to consider when picking affiliate programs, like commission structure, cookie length, the affiliate networks they’re on, and more.

The best supplement affiliate programs we’re going to cover are:

Let’s jump right into it.


Ritual Vitamins are another subscription supplement company that specifically supports women. One of their lines specializes in prenatal vitamins, allowing upcoming mothers to have everything they need for a smooth pregnancy. They take a very minimalist approach to marketing with clearly listed ingredients.

  • Commission Rate: 75%
  • EPC: $67
  • Cookie Length: 60 Days
  • Platform: ShareASale
  • Affiliate Manager: Yes

Performance Lab

Performance Lab is a high quality research driven multivitamin and supplement constructed out of today’s best nutrition research.

  • Commission Rate: 40%-50%
  • EPC: $10
  • Cookie Length: Unknown
  • Platform: Post Affiliate Pro
  • Affiliate Manager: Yes


Rootine Vitamins are direct to consumer supplement subscription company established in Nashville, Tennessee in 2018. By answering a short series of questions, Rootine is able to send a customized supplement to your door every single month. Rootine strives for transparency and is extremely clear on what’s inside their supplements. Nothing is left to mystery.

  • Commission Rate: $50 Per Order
  • EPC: Unknown
  • Cookie Length: 45 Days
  • Platform: Impact
  • Affiliate Manager: Yes


Onnit is a lifestyle and sports nutrition brand that utilizes a holistic health approach to provide wellness products like fitness apparel, peak performance supplements, and foods. The mission of Onnit is to inspire humans to reach their fullest potential through top-tier physical and mental performance.

  • Commission Rate: 15%
  • EPC: Unknown
  • Cookie Length: 45 Days
  • Platform: Impact
  • Affiliate Manager: Yes


Do we really need to explain what Amazon is? Amazon is the largest company in the world, started by Jeff Bezos in 1994 in Seattle Washington. They’re an e-commerce giant, that have also dipped their toes in the streaming and cloud services space.

  • Commission Rate: 1%-2.5%
  • EPC: $10
  • Cookie Length: 24 Hours
  • Platform: In-house
  • Affiliate Manager: Yes


Seed is a high-quality subscription supplement service offering health supplements to your inbox every month. Seed markets itself as a community of doctors, scientists, innovators, entrepreneurs, and storytellers dedicated to improving planetary and human health. What a mission!

  • Commission Rate: 15%
  • EPC: $282.86
  • Cookie Length: 30 Days
  • Platform: ShareASale
  • Affiliate Manager: Yes


GNC is an American health company selling health products like supplements, vitamins, herbs, minerals, and more. With nearly 5,000 locations worldwide and a massive online presence, GNC is a trustworthy and reliable supplement affiliate program.

  • Commission Rate: 4%
  • EPC: $0.95
  • Cookie Length: 7 Days
  • Platform: CJ Affiliate
  • Affiliate Manager: Yes


BodyBuilding.com is a United States based supplement company offering the highest quality products to you guessed it – bodybuilders. At press time, they have closed sign ups to their affiliate program, but if anything changes it will be updated here.

  • Commission Rate: 5%-15%
  • EPC: Unknown
  • Cookie Length: 1 Days
  • Platform: Unknown
  • Affiliate Manager: Yes

How To Get Started As A Supplement Affiliate

So you’re looking to get started in the online business world and become a supplement affiliate! We’re happy to help. Below, we’ll cover some of the most common methods of driving traffic to offers.

SEO Affiliate Website

One of the most common ways of affiliate marketing is through what’s called an affiliate site. It’s a site that produces high quality content (usually in a specific niche) and monetizes through affiliate offers.

It’s important to mention that supplements would definitely fall under Google’s EAT-YMYL category, so it’s a very sensitive SEO niche to be in.

Assuming you have a website setup, it’s as simple as adding text links or images to offers you want to affiliate for.

Social Media

Social media is another great way to drive traffic to supplement affiliate offers. Depending on the niche, certain networks are going to be better than others. Due to the nature of supplements, we think you could have a lot of success on them on any social media platform. Especially Pinterest, Instagram, and Youtube.

Is the Supplement Affiliate Niche Worth Doing?

If you’re really into the health and fitness world, we think supplements are a fantastic affiliate marketing niche to be in. There are millions of affiliate programs out there for supplements of all kinds. There will be something to promote for everyone.

The average affiliate commission in the supplement niche is around $20, which at first glance isn’t too impressive. The average cookie length is

But keep in mind that supplements are not really something you buy once and are done with. It’s something people take frequently and often. By choosing the right affiliate program, you can capitalize on the recurring income that supplement affiliate programs have to offer.

Conversion rates in the supplement niche are pretty good, given the typically low purchase price that comes with them. We can’t stress enough how important it will be for you to establish expertise and trust in this niche. If your audience trusts you, your conversion rates will skyrocket.

Similar to cryptocurrency programs, there’s a lot of malicious offers in the space. When it comes to things like anti aging, nutritional supplements, dietary supplements, weight loss tricks, and nootropics, there’s a lot of unfounded claims, or claims not backed in science.

We recommend being very careful with what you promote, and make sure it’s only something you’d take yourself,  even if 9 out of 10 nutritionists recommend it.

If you’d like to track all of your affiliate programs in one place, feel free to signup for Afflytics.com, and receive two weeks on us.

And that’s all the pills we have to swallow on this one.

Are you a supplement affiliate looking for more programs to promote?

Thinking about getting started in the supplement affiliate world?

Or maybe you’re a merchant creating your own supplement affiliate program and want to research competitors.

Either way, let us know in the comments!

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