Top 10 reasons to be a Blogger

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To be honest, I never thought I would become a blogger, or even better, an online entrepreneur at the age of 24.

While I’ve been blogging and writing content online for the last 7 years, I had no idea that I would be able to take this and convert it to a new lifestyle.

Even more interesting, I had no idea I could make of this a career and enjoy it so much while earning money doing what I love to do. If you want to know more about my story, you can read my Guest Post at famous Bloggers. You’ll find more information there than I can explain in a few words.

Now, there are a lot of great things (and of course, also disadvantages) of being a Blogger. in this post, I’ll select the top 10 reasons to be a Blogger and the advantages of it. I hope you can all enjoy them and share with me other thoughts about it.

And if you’re not an online entrepreneur, but you’re thinking about being one, I hope my story and this helps you make the change (just be prepared, because it might not be an easy path).

1. You can work in pajamas

Yes, that’s it. Are you tired of having to follow a dressing code to go to work because you should?

Well, if you’re an online entrepreneur, probably most of your action and engagement with customers is made online. That means you can wake up and use your pajamas to write a post, but I don’t recommend it.

The reason I try to avoid this is that wearing something so soft and comfortable could be prejudicial for your efficiency. I mean, just imagine you’re so comfy that you want to go sleep back to your bed every 2 hours…

2. It’s your own business and your own results

I think one of the most important things that make people get bored at work, is that somehow they don’t understand part of the process involved, and they can’t see short term results either.

So you always hear your boss trying to make you remember the importance of X/Y factor and how it makes more money to the enterprise to be profitable, and you don’t get it because you don’t see the classified numbers.

And of course, this doesn’t affect your salary over a short time. If you’re doing it well, you might receive a raise in the next 12-24 months. if not, well…

So when you’re working in your own business, you need to learn how EVERYTHING works. You need to know how to prepare something, how to sell something, accountability, tech stuff, and more. You’re like an All in One on steroids.

This is great because you understand how a simple action could drive more money to your pocket, and you actually see it in short and long terms. So if today you made an extra effort and worked until 10 pm, maybe tomorrow you could see a new project pouring into your to-do list or an extra 30% payment from your customer. That’s simply something you couldn’t see by working at the office with a fixed salary.

3. You learn something new every day

top 10 reasons to become a blogger always learning

I have heard a lot of people moaning they’re tired of doing the same stuff over and over again for months or even years. The first 1-3 months on the enterprise are great because you’re trying to learn everything and you get to know customers, processes, and more.

But after that, you’re already trained and you work like a machine doing the same thing over and over again.

If you’re a pro-active person, then you’ll always try to improve something here or propose something there. But some enterprises are just to slow and they like to do what they’re already doing because it “works“.

If you’re not pro-active, then you become surrounded by other 50 machines doing the same around you in a grey cubicle working from 9 to 5. You’re just waiting until the clock ticks at 5pm to go out and get your colored life again just to suffer the same the next day.

That’s just awful.

If you become an online entrepreneur, you’ll always look for new alternatives to drive more traffic, get more sales, improve your conversions, and more. There’s a big world here on the net that is waiting to be owned, and a lot of people looking for something that will help them to be better in their lives.

And nobody can’t take away from you the experience of being a freelancer and testing everything out there for your niche. Once you go there, you normally don’t look back anymore.

4. No traffic, rush hours and fixed hours

Do you hate being late to work? Do you hate having to wake up every day at 6 am in the morning to take a shower and get ready to go to work because you still need to drive 60-120 minutes?

And what about coming back home? If you had a meeting and leave the office at 6 pm, then you get stuck at the rush hour and you arrive at 8 pm to your home, tired and ready to sleep in a bad mood.

If you work online, you can work from almost anywhere as long as you’ve got an internet connection.

No rush hours, no more traffic, no more clocks and meetings in different places, and no stress from it. Wake up at 8 am, have your breakfast, or take a shower and you’re ready to start.

And if you want to stop working at 5 pm, you’re already at home, which means you can play with your boys, hang out with friends, do exercise and a lot more right at 5-6 pm. Without being tired, stressed, or angry.

Just imagine what could you do with those 2-4 extra hours per day?

top 10 reasons to become a blogger

And if you’re not happy working form 9 to 5, then you can set your fixed hours. For example, I tend to be more productive at night, without daylight (don’t ask why that’s how I roll). So I could work 4 hours in the morning and 4 hours at night, or start at 11 pm instead of 9 pm.

It’s your choice. Just don’t let this ruin your life because having different hours can kill relations and it can also kill your business if you just don’t work at all.

5. It helps you make connections

Since you’re the owner of the business, you’re the one people need to talk to prepare or discuss something important. Sure, you can build your network by working at the office too, because you can go and eat with clients and have a talk any day. However, it’s not the same to be just an employee, that talking with the CEO or founder of an enterprise, is it?

You’re the key to the connections, and you’ll meet a lot of great people out there. Help them and they’ll help you back later.

6. You can create jobs

In a world where employment is getting worse every day, you can actually have your own job and later, create some jobs and positions with pro-active people.

You select them, so you don’t have to hate them later like you hated the person next to your cubicle. Too much hate can be BAD 😉

7. You can earn passive income and a retirement plan

Have you noticed the boss of the enterprise you’re working in arrives late, or it doesn’t arrive to the office some days?

It’s because somehow, he has enough money to hire you to earn money for him. You work while he enjoys his life. Don’t get me wrong though, there are so many great bosses that actually dive into their business to make it bigger and more profitable, and you can learn a lot from them.

However, being an online entrepreneur means you can create content, get customers and authority and benefit from it today, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, and even the next year.

Your content will be on the internet forever, so if someone is still looking for it, they’ll find you, and you’ll earn passive income.

When you’re an employee, you get paid to work 8 hours 20-22 days of the month.

Imagine going to sleep and wake up just to find you’ve already earned some extra dollars? Or instead of being worried not to waste so much money in your vacations or every weekend, you could see money pouting into your account at the same time you enjoy your life.

8. You can’t get fired, and you don’t have a boss

top 10 reasons to become a blogger boss

While I’m definitely not one of those people who hate their boss, it’s a very common “practice“.

If you’re an online entrepreneur, you’re your own boss, and only you and your actions can get you fired off your own business.

However, please understand this means all the responsibilities rely on yourself. It actually helps you to grow more mature and be more effective in your own business. In other words, discipline.

Otherwise, you’ll fail and go back to a regular job in a few months…

9. You can travel around the world

And still, make money from it. If you create a passive income stream, you’ll earn money no matter what you’re doing. And better yet, you can still work from any place as long as you’ve got internet access.

Of course, this won’t happen in the first months, but give it some time and work hard, and in a few years, you’ll be ready to rock the world while still doing what you love.

10. It’s satisfying and you become an Authority

This is probably the most important thing of all. When you create your own job and your success, you’ll feel really happy. Nobody can take that way from you. It’s probably one of THE BEST feelings in the world.

Choose a job you love, and you’ll never have to work a day in your life

It also helps you become more efficient, which means you can later do what you usually did in 8 hours, in just 2-4 hours. More time for you to enjoy your life without being stuck in a cubicle for 9 hours just because you can’t leave early even if you’ve already finished your work.

top 10 reasons to become a blogger quote

And you become an authority on your niche, which feels impressive. you get respect, and you become the eyes and voice of people in your niche. So you can ACTUALLY change the world.

Tell me one reason

Yes, it’s that time where I normally ask you to contribute with something. Leave a comment below and let me know what other advantages or reasons do you see to become a blogger and an online entrepreneur?

If you’re already one, let me know what do you think about this. I know there are plenty of reasons to become one, but I’d like to hear them from YOU.

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