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Today I’d like to re-introduce you to one of my favorite ad networks. One I’ve been using to earn 3-4 figures per month with several websites. This network is called RevenueHits and until 2014 I had no idea about them until they approached me to talk business. Welcome to my RevenueHits Review!

RevenueHits isn’t a small network though. With over two billion ad impressions daily and a worldwide reach of tens of millions of users, there are thousands of webmasters making money with them.

revenuehits review - homepage

RevenueHits Review

As mentioned above, a manager from the Publishers area approached me via Skype and we talked about how we could do some business by running and testing their ads against others, including the famous Google Adsense. In his words, they could work as a great alternative to Adsense.

At first, I was hesitant, but I like to give a try to different networks because you never know when you’re going to find a golden nugget and boost your earnings.

In fact, RevenueHits has worked well for me and dozens of my readers.

I know it works for me and I know it works for my readers cause they give me feedback and because their referral program gives you stats to give you an idea of how it’s working for others too.

RevenueHits is owned and operated by Intango, a global technology company established in 2008, operating in the digital media space. Intango designs and executes tailored marketing and monetization solutions, using a powerful, AI-driven proprietary technology and architecture.

They have different monetization options such as Pop/ AdBlock Pop/ Direct Link/ Banner/ Shadowbox/ Desktop Interstitial etc. That means that your blog or website ad space will not show ads that do not perform well, as they use advanced algorithms to research and examine the ways to place the ads with the goal of continually improving their performance.

If you want to sign up as a publisher with RevenueHits just click here.

To sign up you’ll need to fill up your data including your website or mobile app, URL, category and a brief description to get accepted. I’m glad they have an immediate approval system so anyone will be accepted and processed really fast (usually 24-48 hours)!

Revenue Hits Review - Registration

After that just fill in your personal data including name, phone, and password and click continue.

Revenue Hits Review - Partner Information

Finally, you’ll decide how you’re getting paid and put your address to finish the registration.

Revenue Hits Review - Billing Preferences

RevenueHits Dashboard

Once you’re inside you’ll find a very good looking dashboard with a nice user interface. That’s something I appreciate in every network because some of the alternatives I have reviewed still look like they were designed back in the 90s.

Here you’ll find your stats including impressions, clicks, eCPM, and Revenue from the last 8 days.

revenuehits review - dashboard

First, you need to add a website (URL and name) and then select a new placement to add. A placement is an ad designed to be someplace on your website. They have several types of ads for both mobile (tablets and smartphones) as well as desktop traffic.

If you want to create a new placement for desktop or mobile ads you’ll find the following types of ads available:

revenuehits review - ad placements

Once you select a new placement and device you can finish setting up your ad by giving it a name, selecting the website you’re going to display it, and adding a description.

revenuehits review - create placement interstitial

After that, you will get a code and you can now go ahead and implement it on your website.

Simple as that.

Recommended types of Ads to increase your CPM

A question I receive a lot with many networks is which type of ads have better performance and better payments. Obviously, people want to make money from their ads and maximize their CPMs.

PopUnders and Interstitials have worked great for me with several networks because the click rate can be really high and you don’t need to get clicks in your banners to earn money.

I’ve seen RevenueHits rates going from $0.5 CPM and up to $30 or more per CPM. Of course, this all depends on the country and type of traffic you’re receiving. The results won’t be the same if you’re getting Windows traffic from Colombia as they could be if you receive iOS traffic from Australia for example.

But here is the dilemma:

Once your followers feel the ads on your site become too intrusive there is a high chance, they will start looking for content somewhere else. On the other hand, if the ads on your site are not converting you lose the income allowing you to maintain your site.

Some people (and even Google) have expressed their opinion and pop-up/pop-under ads are not warmly welcomed anymore, so I recommend you to stick with interstitials as it’s probably the format that better replaces the outdated pop ads.

If you still want to stick to the money-making pops, RevenueHits is one of the most recommended networks to use as they have a strict compliance policy and you can be sure all of their campaigns are user-friendly and safe to your users.

Even though pops are super common, this time I would like to talk with you about RevenueHits Desktop interstitial profitable ad unit.

What Are Desktop Interstitials?

Interstitial ads are a non-intrusive advertisement. By appearing a natural transition point between the articles, they do not interfere with the flow of your editorial content, and your readers can enjoy your website uninterrupted. That way interstitial ads deliver your visitors the best of both worlds in terms of keeping user experiences at the highest level and delivering high visibility and interaction with precisely targeted ad content at natural transition points.

revenuehits review - desktop interstitial
Example of Desktop Interstitial Ads

Benefits of Interstitial Ads

  1. Higher viewability = MORE CONVERSIONS

With RevenueHits Desktop Interstitials your website gets a unique monetization method timing ad to appear at the right time when viewers are most likely to engage. The significantly optimized conversion strategy results in higher ad revenues for you, as advertisers are willing to pay more because of the high engagement rates.

  1. Higher rates than pops and banners

Due to a unique conversion flow, the user never leaves the website (unlike pop or banner).

  1. Google Compliant & User-friendly

RevenueHits’ Desktop Interstitial ad format was built according to Google Ad-Policy assuring good user experience while monetizing your site, and fully compliant with the Better Ads Standards regulations.

RevenueHits vs. Google Adsense

It’s difficult to compare RevenueHits, but I’ve been able to generate a lot more money from RevenueHits and their CPA model compared to Adsense, especially in niches (see below)where the leads or conversions pay better than anything else.

I’ve seen eCPMs up to $50 with RevenueHits too. Especially if you’ve got mobile traffic then those interstitial Ads will have a great impact on your Revenue.

Some verticals I recommend you to try with RevenueHits are:

  • Sports
  • Movies
  • Music
  • Mobile
  • Shopping
  • Dating
  • Streaming
  • Coupons
  • Travel
  • Entertainment
  • Gaming
  • Insurance
  • Software downloads

As you can see, not every niche is a perfect fit for RevenueHits, but that happens with other networks as well.

But if you have some of the verticals mentioned you could make 2-5 figures per day depending on how much volume you have available 😉

Here are some examples of the top websites monetizing with RevenueHits at the moment:

revenuehits review - website examples

As you can see, a lot of them fall in the games, streaming, software, downloads, music categories and they have a ton of traffic. If you want to see the complete list you can check it at PublicWWW here.

RevenueHits Payment Method

I’ve been working with RevenueHits for several months already. While they just revamped their whole platform a few months ago, I started to make $200 the first months and it quickly grew to $500-$1,000 per month.

The new interface shows everything in a better way and as you can see, I’ve been hitting more than $1,000 in the last months.

Revenue Hits Review - Payment Proof

Revenuehits makes NET 30 payments via:

  • Paypal
  • Wire transfer
  • Payoneer
  • Bitcoin (based on account manager approvals)

The minimum threshold is $20 if you select Paypal and $50 if you select other payment methods. This is better than the typical $100 limit with Google Adsense for small publishers without high volumes of traffic.

RevenueHits Review – Payment Proof

I love receiving payments via Paypal so here’s one of the latest payments received under Intango Ltd. Remember they pay on a NET30 basis, so what you earn this month gets paid at the end of the next month.

revenuehits review - payment proof

If you can send a decent amount of traffic, RevenueHits also has Biweekly, Net15, Net0, and weekly payments. In some cases, prepayment arrangements can be done as well.

RevenueHits has never failed to pay me on time and I’ve received more than 20 payments already. My highest payment was around $2,100 although I haven’t seen that performance back again recently.

Can you name other PPC/CPM/CPA Advertising Networks?

RevenueHits is a CPA advertising network that delivers results for its advertisers. For us (publishers), they’re basically a PPC/CPM network (depends on the type of ads you’re using) and it’s definitely one of the best you can find out there.

Some other networks I’ve tested or you might have heard about before are:

Some of those networks work better for other types of niches though.

RevenueHits Review – Conclusions

Honestly, RevenueHits is one of the best networks I’ve worked with and their performance and their support have been outstanding so far.

Their managers are always in contact and they will help you optimize your ads to get the most revenue out of it. If you don’t like an ad you see on your website, let your manager know and he will help you block it.

Aside from it, remember to test different ad formats and keep them running for at least a week so they can optimize your earnings with time. My favorite ads are desktop and mobile interstitials, but you can always try the rest and see what works for you.

As for payments, don’t worry. They’ll pay on time as long as you reach their $20 threshold at the end of the month.

If you have a website in the recommended verticals you can’t go wrong with RevenueHits, honestly, and that’s why they’ve been at the top of my ad networks list for several months already. No network would be on top unless my readers and I are getting great results both.

Sign up here as a publisher and I’ll talk to you on the next one.

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