4 Best Website Flipping Courses

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The best website flipping courses cover everything you need to know and take you from beginner to expert step-by-step.

They leave no stone unturned.

By the time you finish the course, you have the knowledge and confidence to buy and sell websites.

That’s why they’re the best.

In this article, you’re about to find out where these courses are, how to get them, and what they offer.

Let’s dive in.

What is Website Flipping?

The short answer in three steps:

  1. Buy a website (with potential)
  2. Take measures to fulfill that potential
  3. Sell the website for a profit

You purchase an underperforming website, fix it by increasing traffic and income, and sell it for more than you paid. 

With websites selling between 35-45x monthly profit, it’s easy to see why flipping websites is a profitable business model.

For example:

Say a website you buy earns $50 per month, and you pay $1750 at 35x the monthly profit. Then, over the next few months, you increase the traffic and income by an extra $100 per month, so the site is now earning $150 per month.

Using the (modest) 35x value measurement, the website is now worth $5,250 — a profit of $3,500.

The above is a simple explanation of website flipping. As long as you know what to do, flipping sites is a great way to earn money from your initial investment.

Must-Haves in a Website Flipping Course

Any course worthy of a mention must have the following information and advice at a minimum. If it doesn’t, proceed with caution before purchasing.

1. Where To Find Sites To Buy

You have multiple options regarding where to buy websites, and a good course should include information about them and the pros and cons of each one.

2. How To Do Due Diligence

Due diligence is arguably the most crucial aspect of purchasing a website. If you don’t understand the process involved, you could buy a website that’s not worth the money you’re paying and, in some cases, totally useless.

Good website flipping courses will help identify red flags and warnings before exchanging money.

3. How To Identify Undervalued Sites

Understanding how to identify undervalued websites is crucial for maximizing your profit potential. Conversely, learning how to spot undervalued sites is vital to your success.

4. How To Get a Good Price

Tactics and negotiations help get you the best possible price. All good courses will provide advice and detailed guidance on negotiating the best deal.

5. How To Improve The Site

Another crucial part of flipping websites is learning to improve the site to increase its value. There are multiple ways to do this, and the course should provide tactics to grow the website.

6. How To Flip The Website

Finally, the course should teach you how to flip the website. Obvious, I know, but make sure any website flipping course you purchase has detailed instructions on what to do from start to finish. 

4 Best Website Flipping Courses

Now that you know what website flipping courses should include let’s look at your options.

1. Website Flipping Course on TWF

The Website Flipping Course on TWF (The Website Flip) is a comprehensive video-based course that teaches you every aspect of flipping websites. 

You get eight modules, 51 lessons, and over 6 hours of video content. In addition, you get bonus content, templates, free updates, and a money-back guarantee.

Before going into the nuts and bolts of the course, let’s first talk about the guy who built the course and who he is.

Mushfiq Sarker created the course. He’s been flipping websites for over 14 years and has flipped over 180 websites with numerous six-figure exits. 

Mushfiq is also the owner of the popular website ‘The Website Flip.’ He and his team are authorized brokers on Flippa and have racked up over 140 transactions receiving top ratings and positive reviews.

His course is suitable for both newbies and experts alike. You get a step-by-step approach for flipping websites from start to finish, with expert analysis on essential aspects such as due diligence, valuation, growth, and more.

Some of the things you’ll learn in the course include:

  • The lifecycle of a website flip from beginning to end
  • How to value a website correctly and accurately
  • Due diligence approach and spotting potential red flag warnings
  • How to grow the site so you can sell for a higher profit
  • Exactly when and how to sell your website
  • Hiring people to manage your websites
  • Advanced tactics to maximize your exit
  • The website flip life cycle
  • And more.

You also receive four extra bonuses, which are:

  1. Seven walkthrough videos where you watch Mushfiq perform due diligence on live websites.
  2. Five additional walkthrough videos where you watch him identify growth possibilities and the tactics to use.
  3. Free access to P&L (profit & Loss) templates, models, and more.
  4. Access to a private website flipping group on Facebook.

The course costs $590, and it’s available with a $100 discount as of writing. So, for one payment of $490, you can get your hands on the course with a money-back guarantee.


  • Learn how to flip websites from an expert who has flipped over 180 sites
  • Excellent bonuses
  • Lifetime updates 
  • Great for beginners and experts
  • Self-paced course
  • Exclusive discounts available inside the course


  • A couple of the spreadsheets can be difficult to read on the videos if you have poor eyesight; however, you get the downloadable PDFs that show it perfectly.

The course’s stand-out feature and benefit is the sheer amount of information you receive — It covers the lot. A tremendous amount of work has provided an excellent course for all levels of flippers and will benefit students immensely.

Take the introduction as an example; it has seven video lessons of solid advice. Each module and the lessons offer valuable information, and they flow perfectly, step by step, and lead to the next stage of learning how to flip websites.

2. Website Flipping for Investors Masterclass

The Website Flipping For Investors Masterclass is one of eight courses Shawna Newman has created. Her courses cover a wide range of topics, with one focusing on buying and selling websites.

She started building websites in 2009 and owns the website Skipblast. which provides information and advice on a wide range of topics related to business and digital marketing.

Her first website sale was in 2014, selling a website on Empire Flippers for $20.000. Since then, she has built and sold numerous sites and sued Amazon (she won) in 2015 after they shut down one of her sites.

Her course costs $249, including lifetime updates and access to a private forum. In addition, she teaches the strategy she uses herself to buy, improve and flip for profit.

You learn how to:

  • Find the best places to buy websites.
  • What to look for to identify undervalued sites
  • Negotiating tactics
  • Due diligence methods
  • How to find backlinks and PBN links to a website
  • Strategies to improve the site for higher exit profits

The course consists of six modules, 11 lessons, and just shy of 60 minutes of video. It’s a compact course covering the basics of website flipping.


  • Only $249, so suitable for those on a budget
  • Free access to a private SEO forum
  • A quick primer on flipping websites


  • It’s less than an hour’s worth of video content, so it’s pretty basic compared to other courses.
  • Bonuses could be better.

3. How To Flip Digital Real Estate for Profit by Nano Flips

How To Flip Digital Real Estate For Profit by Nano Flips is the next course on the list. The creator is James Camp, who became cyber famous by apparently making $1.1 million in 12 months, flipping websites.

He owns the Nano Flips website — a newsletter service that provides tips and advice on how to buy and sell websites.

James re-launches his course to the public a couple of times per year.

Yes, it’s not always available, but when it is, it’s open to around 100 students and costs around the $500 mark.

The course walks you through the strategy James uses to flip sites. You get a guarantee of profit (well, you did last time) if you have a minimum investment of $7000.

You receive information and advice on the essential aspects of flipping websites like due diligence, vetting, spotting good deals, adding content, exit strategy, where to purchase, etc.

In addition, you get four live pieces of training biweekly during the 8-week course, and the rest of the content is available for you to go through in the member’s area.

James has a decent-sized following and is a mentor at Google and Techstars. You’ll need to sign up for his free newsletter to access the course when it launches.


  • Free live training (bonus)
  • Payment plans
  • Facebook mastermind group


  • Not an evergreen course, so you have to wait and be quick once launched
  • Guarantee is only for those with a specific amount of money to invest
  • Reports that the course lacks depth, so probably not ideal for beginners.
  • Not clear if the owner has flipped any sites recently (one-time success vs continuous)

4. Website Flipping: 101 Learn how to Buy & Sell Websites

This course is from Brian Cliette and is available on Udemy for $59.99. It’s a basic approach to website flipping and offers nine videos, just shy of 2 hours long.

You get bonuses and resources (articles related to website flipping and related topics.)

Some of the topics and modules in the course cover:

  • A fundamental view of flipping websites
  • Strategies for flipping sites
  • Explanation of the flipping process
  • Pros & Cons 
  • Finding a template and monetization
  • The difference between domain and website flipping
  • Resources

As mentioned, it’s basic and more of a general introduction to website flipping rather than a hands-on learning course. 


  • Inexpensive, the price can drop to $15.99 when Udemy has a sale.
  • Bonus articles related to website flipping
  • Money-back guarantee


  • Fundamental and not much actionable content
  • Monotonous audio isn’t very appealing
  • Content is on the poor side at times.
  • The creator has 26 courses on different topics, so not exactly an expert at website flipping.

How To Choose A Website Flipping Course

The courses above all offer a strategy to flip websites; however, consider the following when choosing the best course.

1. Your Existing Knowledge

If you’re a complete beginner with no understanding of flipping sites, you should choose a course that covers the absolute basics.

While some courses say they’re beginner-friendly, it’s not always the case, so look at the modules for what’s covered.

On the flip side (no pun intended), if you have some idea about selling websites or you’ve flipped sites before, a course that focuses more on the strategy and investment aspects of buying and selling could be more suitable. 

2. Verifiable Experience Of Course Author(s)

There’s no better person to teach you something than a person practicing what they teach. You wouldn’t learn how to drive from someone who has never driven a car, so don’t learn how to flip websites from someone who has little experience doing it themselves.

Look at their websites for proof of experience and look on marketplaces to see their profile. 

Most experienced course sellers will have links to podcast interviews, case studies, and guest posts on related websites.

You can also check them out on social media and run their name in a Google search to see what others say about them.

3. Price Point

You’re looking at paying around $500 for a course with value. Of course, you can find some hidden diamonds for cheaper, but typically a decent website flipping course will cost this price.

If someone is selling you a course that’s truly capable of teaching you how to make 6-figure exits, it’s not going to be cheap.

Sometimes you may find a course that seems to be teaching the same things for cheaper, but often you’ll find that the bonuses aren’t as valuable, or it’s missing a key feature.

If money is an issue, though, and you can’t afford the costs, you may have to choose a less expensive course, but do try to find one getting decent reviews.

As I mentioned above, you can find decent courses for low prices, but the offset is you’ll probably be getting taught by someone who is not as experienced as the other course creators.

Takeaway – What Course Is Most Valuable?

Website flipping can be highly profitable if you know what you’re doing. 

One of the best ways to learn is by listening to experts in the field, and a great way to do this is by purchasing their courses.

The ones featured in this article are among the popular choices online, and by now, you should now have a basic understanding of each one.

For instance, Mushfiq’s website flipping course and Shawna Newman’s Masterclass are the most valuable.’ They both cover the crucial factors of flipping websites and have recent and past experience at flipping sites.

However, if pressed to choose the best option and the one that gives the most value, I would opt for Mushfiq Sarker’s website flipping course.

Mushfiq is a true expert and what you see is what you get concerning the course. The bonuses, lessons, and deliverability are pretty good, and the price seems fair for what you’re getting.

Shawna’s course is a cheaper alternative, not as thorough as Mushfiq’s, but a decent choice if you’re looking for a less expensive and condensed option.

Let’s take a look at the actionable takeaways from the article:

  • Good website flipping courses should include modules and guidance on essential topics for buying and selling websites.
  • Knowledge, verifying the author’s experience, and price range are essential to consider when choosing a course.
  • Mushfiq Sarker has flipped over 218+ websites, and his course offers a comprehensive guide and expert training from a true expert in the field.
  • I would recommend Shawna’s investors masterclass if you’re looking for a cheaper option, although the TWF course is preferred.

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