9 Best Coffee Affiliate Programs of 2022

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According to BusinessWire, the coffee industry was valued at $102 Billion in 2019, and set to reach $156 Billion by 2026.

It’s pretty clear people love their coffee in the morning…

While researching where coffee lovers send their traffic, I noticed something.

Nearly every coffee influencer sends their traffic straight to Amazon’s Affiliate Program.

Why is this as bad as cold coffee?

Well, because Amazon only pays a 4.5% commission on coffee-related kitchen appliances, and 1% on food products like coffee.

That’s why I decided to create this post.

I wanted to detail all of the best coffee affiliate programs, allowing affiliate marketers to get a bean in on the coffee craze, without sending their traffic straight to Jeff Bezos.

If you want the quick answer, the best coffee affiliate programs are:

  • Hawaii Coffee Company, Koa, Lifeboost (Best Coffee Bean Affiliate Programs)
  • Beanbox, Bulletproof, and Atlas Coffee Club (Best Recurring Coffee Affiliate Programs)
  • SimpliPress and Hario (Best Coffee Appliance Affiliate Programs)
  • Gourmesso (Best Coffee Pod Affiliate Program)

Want all the details?

Well grab a cup of coffee and start reading!

Hawaii Coffee Company

The Hawaiian Coffee Company is a family of companies that offer different packages of homegrown Kona Coffee. Their most popular brands include Lion Coffee, Royal Kona Coffee, Royal Hawaiian, and more.

According to their affiliate program page:

Our top pages retain over 70% of visitors, which means our visitors don’t “look & leave” – they browse and interact. Also? We convert traffic to sales at 4x the industry standard.

A program that pays a high commission plus a conversion rate of 4x the industry average? That’s a program you don’t want to miss. They’re one of the most profitable coffee affiliate programs on this list, and that’s why they take the #1 spot.

Commission Rate: 10%-20%
EPC: $100.02
Cookie Length: 45 Days
Platform: ShareASale
Affiliate Manager: Yes


Gourmesso is next, and offers over 30 different flavors of coffee, in the form of compostable pods compatible with coffee and espresso machines like Nespresso and Keurig. One of the main drawbacks of the coffee pod boom is that nearly all of them are non-biodegradable causing a serious impact on the environment.

So if you want to help people get their coffee fix while also helping the industry switch to a green alternative, Gourmesso is a great option!

  • Commission Rate: 15%-20%
  • EPC: $11
  • Cookie Length: 45 Days
  • Platform: Commission Junction
  • Affiliate Manager: Yes


Hario is a Japanese kitchen and glassware company, that sells a variety of coffee and tea-related products. From coffee grinders and roasters, to filter paper and cold brew pots, Hario’s got it all. There’s something about making it yourself that leads to great coffee every time.

They operate an affiliate program on Webgains that pays a 10% commission on all products. They also offer a filter paper subscription, which could allow you to get in on some sweet recurring commission.

  • Commission Rate: 10%
  • EPC: $5.00
  • Cookie Length: 30 Days
  • Platform: Webgains
  • Affiliate Manager: Yes


Lifeboost Coffee is another United States owned gourmet coffee option that prides itself on being the healthiest coffee out there. With their product being 100% chemical and GMO-free, fair trade, and single-origin, Lifeboost is an ethical coffee company if we’ve ever seen one.

  • Commission Rate: $30 CPA
  • EPC: $153
  • Cookie Length: 30 Days
  • Platform: Affiliatly
  • Affiliate Manager: Yes

Atlas Coffee Club

Atlas Coffee Club is a subscription coffee brand, that sends customers different coffees every month, from around the world. They run regular newsletters with unique offers, so it’s only a matter of time before customers convert. What makes their program so good to promote as an affiliate, is that it’s a recurring affiliate program, rather than a one-time purchase.

Commission Rate: Unknown
EPC: $500
Cookie Length: 30 Days
Platform: Pepperjam
Affiliate Manager: Yes


Bulletproof Coffee is another coffee bean company that focuses on the fitness audience. Their keto coffee contains specialized fats, aimed at boosting mental function and athletic ability. They have a subscribe and save program, which incentivizes customers to subscribe for savings and allow their affiliates to earn recurring earnings.

  • Commission Rate: 50%
  • EPC: $50
  • Cookie Length: 30 Days
  • Platform: Impact
  • Affiliate Manager: Yes


Simpli Press is another kitchen appliance and coffee maker that simplifies the coffee-making process. It’s a French Press without the mess like they say, with a three minute brew time, and no plastics or BPAs. They also offer free shipping and a 30-day money-back guarantee, so we’d imagine the offer has a high conversion rate.

  • Commission Rate: 10%
  • EPC: Unknown
  • Cookie Length: 30 Days
  • Platform: Secom
  • Affiliate Manager: Yes

Koa Coffee

Koa Coffee is up next. They produce homegrown, handpicked Kona Hawaii coffee products, from the slopes of a volcano. They were even featured by Forbes as a top 10 coffee brand in the world! Considering their similarities to the Hawaiin Coffee Company, and is strictly a lower-paying program, we have Koa Coffee lower on the list.

  • Commission Rate:10%-20%
  • EPC: $43
  • Cookie Length: 45 Days
  • Platform: ShareASale
  • Affiliate Manager: Yes

Does Starbucks have an Affiliate Program?

From what we can tell, Starbucks does not currently run any affiliate offers. That being said, they do run a referral program using their loyalty app, where referring friends can earn you Stars. These stars can then be used to purchase or redeem for rewards at Starbucks locations.

For small scale coffee affiliates, this can be an option, but any serious coffee affiliate operation will earn more Stars than they know what to do with.

Is Coffee A Good Affiliate Niche?

Market Size

One thing you want to take a look at when picking an affiliate niche is the overall market size. With the industry set to hit $156 Billion by 2026, and 64% of Americans regularly drinking coffee, market size is not something you’ll have to worry about.

With any large market, there will be competition. The best way to stand apart from the competition is through passion. That’s why I say in every post, that passion is the most important factor when it comes to picking an affiliate niche.

Coffee Commission Breakdown

A majority of commissions will come from selling the actual beans or pods, as they are recurring and high commissions.

Bean affiliate programs like Koa Coffee, Hawaii Coffee Company, Bulletproof, and more, will pay 10%-20% commission on their beans. Subscription bean affiliate programs like

Coffee related kitchen appliances can be sent to Amazon for 4.5%, with an additional 1.5% commission on anything else inside a customer’s cart.

Concluding Thoughts

Overall, the coffee niche is a great one to be in. It features high paying one-time commission purchases, as well as some subscription services offering recurring commissions. So please don’t default to sending all your traffic to Amazon. The niche is too big to fail and only growing.

Building an educational website or gorgeous social media feed are two great ways to get your coffee affiliate offers in front of some caffeine crazed customers. It can even turn into an online business or side hustle. Coffee Bloggers like Roasty Coffee are the prime example of what to do as a coffee affiliate.

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